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December 08, 2013


More men speaking in girls' 'dialect', study shows

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Like, whutevs, right? Like, lol sooo not worthy. 23? Ya, not even.

Surfers out here on the correct coast have been speaking that way for years. I always thought it was caused getting hit on the head too many times by other longboarders.

Eample: Like, totally Jeff Spicoli, dude!

This is why God gave us the punch in the nose.

I blame it on that Hilton chick and that other Hilton dude-chick.

We've been told for years to get in touch with our feminine side and now we get chided for doing so.


Whatever ( hairflip, gumsnap )

*scratching myself and spitting*


Never! Every neuron in my being resists such an impulse.

Study shows cranky old retired guys speaking more like large carnivores. Rowr!

- as if . . .

Oh em gee, um...that is totally awesome!

So I was all like, ya know?

So ... is this like ... a question?

Gah! That is just SO not allowed! It's grody!

talk like that in my hood, you get bent over

And get, like, totally off my lawn.

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