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December 12, 2013


Police 'told to leave Queen's nuts'

(Thanks to Barbara A and Craig Roberts)


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The Queen has nuts? Only the edible ones of course

Ah, doesn't she have a dog or two around the place?

I bet Queen Elizabeth wishes she could still behead irritating people.

She's channelling her inner Captain Queeg.

I thought they just left out a comma ("please leave, the queen's nuts").

well, she is still holding the family jewels

Leave the Queen's nuts but bring back the Royal Sausage, thanks.

Why pick on the police? Lots of people know the queen's nuts.

For Gawd's Sake Man, she can have them flogged! She is the Queen Damnit

Good thing Her Majesty is not fond of do-nuts.

The queen's apartments have obviously been infiltrated by MI6 squirrels.

I've heard of the Queen Mum, but the Queen Dammit?

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