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December 12, 2013


If anybody could appreciate my idea for "National Eat Like A Viking Day", it's you Dave.  Anyone who could turn Talk Like A Pirate Day into a national phenomenon has no need of The Force or help of Kathleen Sebelius to get this thing rolling. 

Some background:  the pipes froze at work and so we couldn't run the dishwasher this week; we were out of forks and spoons, nothing left but knives.  Rather than eat leftover ravioli with my fingers and get tomato sauce all over my keyboard, I elected to use one of the knives and it was a wonderful experience!  Something primordial awakened when I stabbed that pasta/meat(?) product.  The urge to chew with my mouth open, wipe the excess sauce on my sleeve, and belch loudly was uncontrollable.

I know Hallmark probably won't be on board with this, but maybe the fine folks at Oneida could be persuaded to help promote Eat Like A Viking Day and get the word out.  Commemorative table knives with horned helmets on the ends?  Sponsoring a lutefisk eating contest? The company logo proudly displayed on that Swedish Chef muppet's apron?  

Low profile government workers like me have limited audience access (and appeal); I have complete faith in your experience with these kind of things and thank you in advance for your efforts.

Gary Olson

Spokane, WA


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"The urge to chew with my mouth open, wipe the excess sauce on my sleeve, and belch loudly was uncontrollable."
And what, again, makes this day special?

I think Mr. Olson has too much time on his hands.

I agree with the premise. Maybe it could be combined with another day noted for large meals. Does December 25 work for everyone?

There needs to be some compelling verbalization like "arrrrgh!" for TLAPD

i guess the MICROWAVE OVENS were broken too, huh?

Vikings occasionally used spoons in their left hands.

And knives in their right, although not always for eating.

It should be noted that there is a thread discussing this on a pro-Lutefisk site.

Hmm... Now I want some Torwald's Cream of Lutefisk soup.

Is he in a Swedish figure-skating club? Because those guys know how to access their inner vikings.

Gary Olson ==>
Snarly goo
Angry solo
Yo go snarl
So long Ray

As my Dad, bless his socks, used to say "Fingers were invented before forks."

October 9, Leif "the Lucky" Erikson day. Gotta do it.

Isn't this already practiced in fast food courts in malls across America?

Good one, wiredog.

I don't understand. How is eating disgustingly 'eating like a Viking'?

Eat like a forking Viking!

There should be a video tutorial on which knife to use, and how. I have lots of knives, and using some of them as forks would seem suicidal.

Uff da!

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