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December 15, 2013


Snowmobile nudist confuses Swedish town

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch, Unholy Slacker and Ralph)


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So he flashed, and then was flashed?

Gotta love the sight of the full moon on the snow.

He could sing "Oh Baby its Cold Outside" and really mean it.

When he shows up at the hospital with frostbitten " parts ", they'll be able to identify him.

Didn't they call this kind of activity "streaking?" I hope he's already had all the kids he wants.

Yeesus Yumpin' Yiminy!!! Yingle!!!Yangle!!!

"I finally learned to say Yam and then they changed it to Yelly."

Hi-Yo, Skidoo! Awaaaaaaayyy!

(Who WAS that flasked man?)

Flashing through the snow
On a two-stroke Arctic Cat
O'er the bumps I go
I should have worn my hat.

Balls on Bob's tail ring
The moon is cold and bright
What fun it is to freeze my @ss
In nakedness tonight!

Yingle bells, Yingle bells,
Yingle all da vay.
Oh! what fun it is to bring
My breezy balls to play.
Yingle bells, Yingle bells,
Yingle all da vay;
Oh! what fun it is to sing
Soprano for a day!

Annie, this is why we missed you here. Welcome home!

(And, as James Worthy would say, that was terrible!)

I shoulda gone with 'Tingle Balls.'

No, that parody would end, as it must, with a crack-up.

We blame Abba.

He's snowmobiling instead of rolling in the snow after a sauna or hot tub.

How many people could there be in those parts? If they want to identify him, somebody needs to just look at his face when he rides by.

Annie -- wow. I mean, just, wow. Rhymes, scansion, all that good stuff.

"That was bad enough". That scared many of us into celibacy.

Hanna, Thanks!!! That old yoke was one my dad used to t ell (over and over), 65 years ago!!!

Old Coot, yes, my grandmother used to say that a lot. When I was about 6 a neighbor of hers came to the door extremely distressed because his jeep was stuck. He kept screaming "My yeep, my yeep." She had to calm him down to figure out what he needed--my uncle to pull his yeep out of the mud hole.

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