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December 13, 2013


An injured dog has limped to find help for her unconscious owner after they were plowed down by a speeding car while out on a walk.

Of course the dog was named Lucy.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Sniff. Bless her little sore paws.
O/T Speaking of sore paws, huge shout-out to the members of the 'Walking with the Wounded' team members from across the globe who have just reached the South Pole after a ridiculously arduous trek. No words just respect.

That story made me cry too. What a sweet dog.
Jan that is a wonderful article. Thanks for sharing. I've been complaining about having to park a litte farther away from the mall and these heroes are walking to the South Pole. It's just incredible.

Yo cindy. Makes my bi&ching about a stiff neck disappear into foo-foo land. Guys and gals who've lost limbs and been blinded are doing stuff, and pi$$es me off we're having to raise money for 'em. HUGE virtual hug to Prince Harry who's Mom would be proud of him 'cause she hugged AIDS victims when others wouldn't touch 'em with a bargepole. Also, why is it one punks down good money for decent dog food and resident border collie is out back eating frozen rabbit/raccoon/god-knows-what-$hit?

i have a lucy too. but i call mine "widdle woosey-woo". i'm annoying like that.

I may be accused of being repetative, but I don't give a $hi&.

So this happened 20 minutes from me, yet I find about it via Dave in Miami who has linked to a website in England.

Meanwhile, no one rescued Timmy from the well.

mud, you are SO annoying like that. But Lucy is a sweet and precious baby. Ringo, on the other hand....

Good dog. Oh, heck, great dog.

Dittoes. Good girl, Lucy! Have a Beggin' Strip!

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