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December 11, 2013


Ax Attack At French McDonald's Was Allegedly Over Cold Fries

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Well considering the French refer to McDonald's as 'the US embassy,' they should be on high alert.

The Puff Ho neglected to mention that this took place on Stalingrad avenue.

Hey, if you cannot get french-fries right in France you have to expect reprisals.

He wuz merely expressin' his "Freedom" to complain ... eh?

what, no whine?

I thought the Alliance Francais forbade the use of the term "French Fries." Instead, they are "pommes des terres frites."

Or did they surrender that, too?

He just axed for some fries.

Buncha Louvrers.

Annie, I think you mean "l'Académie Française" and we're not listening to them anyway. It's just a nice warm place for our old writers...

Alliance Francaise was the "French Club" when I was in high school (so, somewhere around the end of the Hundred Years War), and the kindly but clueless person who taught us French is the main reason I can just barely read it today.

But, somewhat off topic, there's a wonderful bit in James Thurber's account of his travels in France in the Thirties. Seems he cut himself somehow, and ran into the lobby of his hotel shouting in French, "I am sick with a knife!"

Je le sens. I stand corrected. I have an old award from the "Alliance Française" - I confused it with l'Académie. I just remember the French fear of their language being overrun with U.S. slang. Being afraid of 'le hot dog' was pretty funny to me. Not to them, though.

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