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December 21, 2013


Pompano Beach motorist charged with striking cyclist, then driving for 2 miles with injured man on back of car

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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Whoa. I don't even want to figure any joke out for this one. Truly hideous.

In New York the meter would be running and the fare for the lift would be $ 25.00.

Well, he already had a Florida license(we presume).

Up north here you get to keep deer you hit. Do FL motorists get to keep pedestrians ?

One more reason to never ... um ... ride a bicycle ...

We've got drivers like that up here in Nodak, too ... more than one rider has been hit, died, and the runaway driver never found ...

The driver already had a Florida drivers license.

That license should be revoked, of course.

Some driving is just so bad that they don't even tolerate it in Florida.

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