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December 09, 2013


What happened to all the dinosaur poop? The cockroaches ate it

(Thanks to The Perts)


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So the cockroaches were top-rung on the dung heap?

If that's the case where's all the ancient cockroach poop?

PG13 brings up an issue in the closed-poop theory.

"Where did all the poopie go,
Once T. Rex passed it,
Where did all the poopie go,
Long time ago?

Where did all the poopie go,
Roaches ate it all up, Joe.

They're in your kitchen now,
They're in your kit-chen now."

(WIth my deepest apologies to Pete Seeger AND Marlene Dietrich.)

I watched "Bowel of the Blattulidae" on the SyFy channel last night.

So why did they come to New York?

Back then, the dung beetles had "VW" on their hubcaps.

Cockroaches vacuumed it up

Prehistoric Roombas.

Cockroach mom: Alright, kids, now finish all of that dinosaur poop - that's right, ALL of it! - or you'll get no dump cake!

I had hoped it had turned into gasoline -- which would have made an interesting logo change for Sinclair Oil.

"I tried to get down to my car for to honk the horn for help, but the snakes has gotten' it for the cock-a-roaches!"

The dream of my life was to have this question answered. Thanks scientists!!

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