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December 01, 2013


"I couldn't usually run, I use a walking frame. But I grabbed my hearth brush from the front door and actually ran to help."


(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Or a frying pan

Go grandma! Give criminals the brush-off.

New Zealand, where the men are men, the women are women, and the sheep run scared.

Reminds me of someone ....

Betty White could take her.

So if she had killed the assailant, would the cause of his demise be described as a brush with death?

She brought a brush to a sword fight?

Gutsy lady.

what a pussy, he has a broad blade and an old lady takes him out, jeez he should go hari-kari now...

He's lucky -- she might have strangled him with her Medic Alert necklace.

I am definitely staying off of her lawn.

i see a brush with the law in his future

Never bring a sword to a hearth brush fight.

Oh, and before someone else thinks of it: that really hearthed his vibe.

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