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December 04, 2013


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you the Church of the Week.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I'll just start firing up that hand basket now...

Is it located on Uranus?

Disclaimer of the year:

"E-Pao.net is not responsible for it's sanctity & originality."

I'm going to start putting something like that on all comments.

Mr. Anal hosted a program?


its NEAR uranus. or somebody's. in albany we had the leader of the hindu community, dr. dikshit. apparently in our culture we are going to chortle at it. .....

There was (may still be) a Buddhist temple here called Siddha Yoga Dham. I always wanted to lease the building next door and open Aye Donghiva Dham. Never got around to it. Probably just as well.

Omni, very creative! That reminds me of C@r Talk Staff credits.

Now leading the congregation in song from the first pew, Sister Ophelia Rass.

Guest Minister: Rev. Moon

I hear the place gets packed.

Guest singers: The Flying Buttresses

Omniskeptic, didn't Aye Donghiva Dham play short for Bud Abbott's team?

It was reported that they received a tube of Preparation H in the collection plate.

Plenty of parking in the rear...

If you can't make it to the service, you can watch on your smart phone. So yes, there's an apse for that.

Whilst doin' that, Annie' ... sum folks might also contemplate their nave-al ...

I could also mention that I've met sum "religious" types who are quite anal about their partcular version of universal truth bein' ... um ... the universal truth ...

Dham played short, long, and medium, if I remember correctly.

We have a few of those down here in central Texas.

Around here there's a Broad River. Further up, there's a French Broad River. So naturally we laughed our butts off when we first saw the sign for French Broad Baptist Church.

Too bad he's gone, they could've had Oral (Roberts)
as a guest speaker. Can you imagine getting your
Oral and Anal "spirit" in one setting?

One Sitting? (pun intended)

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