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December 05, 2013


I'm heading to Michigan today to be part of Mitch Albom's Radiothon fundraiser for S.A.Y. Detroit. We'll be at the Somerset Collection mall in Troy. It's going to be warm up there, right? RIGHT?


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What a cast, though! Ted Nugent, even!

Mitch Albom and the Detroit Wheels.

Might want to warn not just the ganders but the geese.

Warm? Actually Yes Dave just for you!

They ARE taking a lot of heat for the bankruptcy....hopefully enough to defrost the urinals. Unless they sold those for the copper piping already.

But I digress. Have fun!!!

Eating Eminems with Bob Seger and Ted Nugent.

Tell them you're a big Blackhawks fan and everything will seem much warmer.

It was warm (50's) this morning, but it's cooling off (high 20's). might want to pack the thermal underwear.

And if that's not enough, try the thermite underwear.
It's guaranteed.

I've heard thermite undies are very flashy.

Thermite underwear gives a lot of bang for the buck.

It was nice to finally meet you today at the SAY radiothon. Thanks for the picture together. I am glad that they raised more than last year. It was nice of you to come to it. I guess you did put it on your blog.
Best Wishes


Did you stick around for some Wilderness Golf?

It's not a mall. It's a Collection. You're obviously not hanging around enough snooty people.

When we have a Collection at church, it's usually for the poor. Ooooh, I get it. Detroit....

You know what though. Things will slowly get better in Detroit. Maybe not a come back like it once was but things are improving slowly. It will take time. Yesterday's radiothon Mitch was lucky to get more than the year before. That's all you can hope for. If I were every lucky enough to win the lottery I would of been happy to give plenty more than all the rich people out there.

No, up here, "collection" is an abbreviation for "absolutely not for the poor." So is "crossing" for some reason.

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