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December 19, 2013


Boob Glue

(Thanks to Deb Ross)


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Water Soluble Formula and Perspiration Proof.
Hmmm. Learn something new about women at my age.
But I'm not sure what I've learned.

"If accidental ingestion occurs seek medical attention."

Good advice for everyone...

It's a gravity defying adhesive!
No it's a dessert topping!
It's a gravity defying adhesive!
No it's a desert topping!
Wait! You're BOTH right.....

I saw Perfect Bikini Cleavage open for Steelers Wheel.

This might cause one to get stuck mid motor boat.

And it is just in time for Christmas! Way better than a Chia Pet.

"Bosom Couture" would be a good name for a band!

I think some bloggers out there might start sniffing glue.

I thought being stuck up was bad.

What's wrong with duct tape in this application? Or velcro?

Pffft! A large can of Aqua Net hairspray will do the same thing. Or so I've been told.

Sure that isn't 2 large cans, NC?

Baffling teen-aged boys since 1910 . . . .

Water soluble/persperation-proof seems ... oxymoronical ...

Keeps the boobageness 'exactly' where y'all put it ...

Yeah, pop rivets will also do that ...

It sounds incredibly painful, and I pity all women who will now be expected to use it.

Least gluing bits of skin together is painful when doing home repairs.

Okie girls use staple guns, but they are tough.

If you're covering the lactiferous ducts, what's wrong with duct tape?

If boob glue is for boobs, I hate to think what Yuhuglu is for.

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