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December 05, 2013


Rock music began at Stonehenge, claim experts

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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What a bunch of idiots! I mean, the place is only four or five thousand years old, and they were off by a whole mile?!? Come on, guys, you can do a lot better than that!

Even the article has an echo effect. Probably some distortion as well.

Why do English "journalists" feel the need to tell something in a story, and then immediately tell it again, in case we missed it the first time?

Have they no self-confidence in their ability to write a simple declarative sentence? Or do they think their readers are as stupid as they (the writers) are?

Um ... these are rhetorical questions ...

Um ... these are rhetorical questions ...

That's why the Rolling Stones got their name.

snork at....the comment about the stones. right on. yeah, mick and keith were there.

Yeah, and five thousand years ago, or so, some father was yelling at his son to turn that music down.
Then he told his son's friends to get off his lawn.

Stonehenge would be a lot funnier if it were on a hillside. Then they could call it the birthplace of rock and roll.

The Concert was called "Unhinged".

Keith got arrested.

Don't ask about the yak.

Of course rock music and Stonehenge are linked! Has no one seen "This is Spinal Tap"?

Wasn't this a plot device in "What's up, doc?"

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