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December 21, 2013


Fayette County Sheriff's deputies say a man who was driving erratically drank men's cologne to mask the scent of alcohol as he was being stopped Wednesday morning.

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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Almost Illegal. A criminally suggestive fragrance from Christian Dior, John David Conwill. Available at Walmart.

If he'da gotten pulled over by female deputies, it mighta worked. But trust me on this, AXE is not the best choice.

He wore Old Spice or nothing at all. Was he naked ? I think I screwed up the add.

Who amongst us has not done this? Why is everyone looking at me?

If you've already been drinking mouthwash, no problem.

We lived in Oman for several years and mouthwash and aftershave were the drinks of choice for a large percentage of the expat community.

Gotta wonder if he'd've chugged Hai Karate, mebbe he could've escaped ... eh?

(Y'all prolly hafta be perty old to get that reference ... merely sayin' ...)

One of the drunkest men I've ever seen in the e.r. got that way on Family Dollar's brand of Listerine. Surprisingly he still had bad breath.

When I was growing up in a "dry" Kentucky county, everyone knew about "Green Lizard", a brand of cologne that went by another "real" name but apparently was about 2000% alcohol.
I tried it once as a teen but that's only because teens are stupid.

Slap a little Miller Lite around the neck and he'll be a total chick magnet.

What alien species is that guy? That's one of the creepiest jail house pics I've seen.

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