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November 29, 2013


These Colorful Floor Tiles Were Made From Snail Poop

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Is that like "These boots were made for walking"?

sales are sluggish

Ugh-ack-yuck-ew is a traditional remedy for over consumption of bear paws. Or else he's the Mayor of Phukhet. I forget which.

Even more colorful when your guests find out what they're made of.


Sales are less than expected. They're slow movers...

I saw Terrestrial Mollusk Turds open for Aerosmith.

I'm constantly amazed at the things I learn on this blog. I had no idea that snails pooped.

I'd call the ASPCA if I didn't have worse jobs than eating paper and crapping colorful bathroom tiles.

While we're on the subject of crap, perhaps they should use all that dinopoop they found to build a Jurassic Park-themed Vegas casino...

Truth be told, a lot of your low end home furnishings are made the same way.

That will save the plant, a reuse for snail poo!

Snail poop on a stick - coming to your next county fair. Deep fried, I'm sure.

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