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November 13, 2013


Sweden and Switzerland have launched a joint awareness campaign to help Chinese tourists tell the two countries apart

(Thanks to Guin)


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Well, as they say in Sweden, sex av en, halvdussin den andra.


confucius say: white people color of calk - all calkasians look alike

One has a bikini team and one has those little folding knives, right?

ABBA vs. ????

One has a lot of snow and the other one does, too.

But Austria and Australia are still the same aren't they?

I love the Swiss chef

Ms. Flukey: easier to remember which one does meatballs and which one puts holes in their cheese.

Switzerland borders Austria. Sweden does not. Neither does Swaziland.

Other confusing countries:
Mauritania / Mauritius
Guinea (Conakry) / Guinea-Bissau / Equatorial Guinea / Papua New Guinea / Guyana / French Guyana,
Rep. of Congo (Brazzaville)/ Dem. Rep. of Congo (Kinshasa),
Nigeria / Niger,
Turkey / Turkmenistan,
India / Indonesia,
Mexico / New Mexico,
Colombia / British Columbia,
Ireland / Iceland,
Wales / whales

Switzerland has the Alps and chocolate. Sweden has Ingmar Bergman and Abba. I'll take Switzerland for $500, Alex.

Neither one has been invaded in quite a long time.

The French used to hire a lot of Swiss mercenaries. At one point, they funded the King of Sweden to invade Germany. The Swiss kicked the Duke of Burgundy's arse (while Burgundy wasn't technically part of France, I grant you, but still ...) If you go back as far as at least 1871, the French have not surrendered to Sweden.

The Swedes invaded Russia, something the Swiss haven't done yet, but there's still time.

Um, that's about all that comes to mind right now.

The Swedes are well aware of joints; I don't know about the Swiss.

So sad GW Bushie did not properly invade these tiny lands and fix this.
Call one Cheeseland and whatever....

Nursecindy: nein, mate. Now excuse me while I throw a viener schnitzel on the barbie.

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