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November 18, 2013


Get Paid $100 a Day... to Review Public Toilets

(Thanks to funny man)



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It pays the same as substitute teaching... Not That There's Anything Wrong With Teaching

I think Larry Craig is available.

So if you make a lot of money at thei, you'd be flush?

Two thumbs up if #2 goes down.

"... creative, helpful, and slightly disgusting."

Except for the helpful part, this describes almost everyone I know.

Something about this doesn't pass the smell test.

And I thought I had a crap job.

I don't even like reviewing my own toilet. Especially when it's Totally Taco's Night for the nursecindy household.

One wonders about separate facilities and BFOQs.

Please excuse the ' in my above post about tacos. My right pinkie finger has a Napoleon Complex and often types errant ' in words. '''''///

I've heard one can make a whole lot more than $100/day in some NYC restrooms.

"Something tells me it's all happening at the loo" - Paul Simon

Funny. Earn some extra Christmas money.

Darn low flow crappers. You've got to review them three times.

they want pithy reviewth ?

ligirl, you were worth waiting for

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