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November 05, 2013


Giant firework penis lights up the night sky in Glasgow; residents love it


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Giant Firework Penis opened for Norman Greenbaum

'Tis I went doon ti' Glasga toon
Ti' spend my penny fee,
And a bonnie lassie gied consent
Ti' keep me company.


'Tis I come in this world a bairn
Sae naked an' sae bare
I come oot the same fra' Glasga
An' I'll never gang nae mare.

Jock Gillespie's Trip to Town
As sung by Ewen McColl.

Scotland was once known as the home of the greatest engineers on earth. This is probably the only thing they've invented in decades, now.

What do you expect? It's Glasgow.

send it to washington

I suspect a hoax.
However, if it is real, I'd donate to have that done in the good ole USA, just to see the Congressional d!ckheads explode.

EVERYBODY likes a happy ending


I think it's pointing towards Uranus

No, sorry...Giant Firework Penis actually opened for the Tubes.

They won't love it if it lasts more than 4 hours.

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