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November 26, 2013


Man steals pack of human excrement from young mother in Moscow

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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How offal...

Is this the first time the phrase "pack of human excrement" has been seen on the blog? I can't remember it as an opening act, for sure.

A real whodungit.

Lucky "There were no other valuable items in the stolen package" I can't tell you how many times I've stored my high end goods with my low end ones.

I'd suggest manure insurance.

I suspect the placenta artist from the previous post. "Why not use human waste where possible?"

Like in soy sauce?

*SNORK* at JG!

"What're you in for?"
"Drunk and disorderly. You?"
"I stole a bag of sh!t."
" -- Can I get another cell?"

I saw Pack of Human Excrement open for the Butthole Surfers.
No wait, it was the other way around

Reminds me of the Hill Street Blues where Lt. Hunter took a swig from a bottle marked “Goldblume – Do Not Touch” from the fridge and tossed the container in the trash because the apple juice had gone bad.

It turned out that Goldblume had a urology appointment in half an hour and wanted to know who hid the sample.

"Why ... why, this is a bag of sh*t!

But it's really good sh*t, Mrs. Preske!"

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