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November 07, 2013


THE mutant rats that are plaguing Britain have invaded the Houses of Parliament.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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i saw the mutant rats AND the houses of parliment open for the sex pistols.

my rats are better than your rats

Bring in mongooses and turn 'em loose. Worked great in Hawaii. Or maybe Burmese pythons.

Heat up the chambers before releasing the Burmese Pythons.

Send them to Washington!

Didn't Mutant Rats open for Lady Gaga?

the mutant rats are ALREADY in washingtoon. one of them is that plagarizing nutcase from Kentucky.

Over here, if Obama said the rats were bad, the Republicans would instantly see the good in rodents.
Obama, on the other hand, could use drones.

You'll notice the rats are reported in the House of Commons. Presumably the House of Lords is beset by a plague of chinchillas.

queensbee, Biden's from Delaware. (originally PA)

i never mentioned biden. his case was 20 yrs ago. i'm referring to the current junior senator from kentucky.

Why is this only number eight on their bullet points?

8. Some rats are being turned into zombies by a parasite that makes them sexually attracted to cats.

Time to ramp up to high alert status again.

Ah, I saw "nutcase" and just assumed.

I swear I saw Zombie Rats open for someone...

"Rats on a stick, sir?"

it dooosnt have too much rat in it..

I KNOW I saw the Mutant Rats open for the Boonmtown Rats. So, they shouldn't be any threat to Sir Bob Geldof.

Didn't they star in some car commercial, or was it some other rodent?

Just askin' But who would buy a care driven by rodents?

A 'Team of Cats' BwwaaaHaahaaa
any self-respecting brit would get a
few Yorkshire Terriers in there!
Those hyper dudes would clear the place out.

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