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November 19, 2013


Images show woman on Chicago train with alligator

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Hood said the Illinois Dangerous Animals Act makes it illegal to own an alligator in the state.
Pretty soon we'll have no rights left at all.

she needs to be questioned extensively & aggresively:
interrogate her interrogator!

I guess this means " Bring Your Alligator to Work Day " is off for next year.

Chicago rats and sharks run city hall. What about crocodiles?

You can tell that this is not one of those bogus internet stories because everyone agrees that this is non croc

tastes like chicken

As a Chicago-area resident, I can tell you that having a live alligator or croc on the CTA can come in handy sometimes...however, you might want to bring one that's a little bigger.

Naked goddesses on the Red Line, Alligators on the Blue Line - I don't want to know what's on the Yellow Line.

She will probably deny the allegations and defy the allegators.

The Yellow Line of the L was known as the Skokie Swift before they were all named for colors.

System map here

I always thought alligators were hard to train.

hey when I lived in DC I found much to my surprise that the rats were as big a cats, and the cats were no where to be seen, I welcome our alligator over-lords

Yes, RD, it does taste like chicken.
Like one that's led a hard life and died unhappy.
Has anybody eaten ever eaten alligator that wasn't tough?

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