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November 13, 2013


A hotel guest emerged naked from a storage cupboard of a Premier Inn with a fire extinguisher hose up his bottom, a court was told.

(Thanks to Bill McGeachen and Matt Filar)


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Need I say it? Hosed.

He was having trouble going number CO2.

I thought the rectal fire extinguisher was one of the Premier amenities, along with the minibar and free Wi-Fi. Boy is my face red.

What a flaming a-hole.

Judge: "What happened, take me through it."

Small: "I smelled something. Fire."

Judge: "Where was the smell coming from?"

Small: "It was coming from the general direction of the outraging public decency charge."

he read this wrong & broke his @ss

I love that article. Tongue in cheek (so to speak) writing at its best.

From an old SNL sketch:

"911? We on fire!"

The Onion, gotta be.

It's all fun 'n games until somebody pulls the pin and squeezes the handle.

This is not a medically approved treatment for heartburn.

Okay, let's see a littttttttle more research on fire extinguisher enemas before I try it.

Oh PLEASE like nobody else has ever had a fire extinguisher up their bottom from time to time. Um no wait ummm never mind.

In some cultures this is considered a formal proposal for marriage.

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