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November 07, 2013


Reveller wakes up in morgue body bag after big night out

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I am sure it must of been an experience to remember

Hey, hasn't this happened to most of us at one time ot another?

Anyone? Bueller?

Me. I woke up under a sheet beside the road after a head-on collision and being thrown out of the car.
My favorite part was when the girl standing next to my body lost bladder control when I asked what was going on.
No nightmares, though.

Geez, if I had a nickel for every time...

Never happened to me. Of course, there were several occasions where it could have. The trick is to pass out under adequate cover, so your vital functions have the time to resume naturally.

Medical care on the Bronze plan.

Steve ~ I think I speak for all the bloggers when I say I am very glad you made it out of that one. It's been nice having you around.

Good to see Padraig commenting... we were worried when you didn't show up on the Canadian beer discussion

He started out half in the bag, and then...

Go Big or Go Home

The body bag isn't too bad (although they really should use two-way zippers on them) but trying to get a toe tag off while hungover is almost impossible.

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