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November 02, 2013


Drunk man falls asleep on top of horse

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Jeff Meyerson)


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She should check for poo. He may be one of the 626 million who walked there.

the bedless horseman

Well played ligirl, well played.

Horse: Get off my back!

Check out the movie 'Cat Ballou,' in which a drunk Lee Marvin rides a horse--more hilarious than this!

" I am Mr. Bed. "

yay clankie !




Better to fall asleep on the horse than to fall off the horse.

Remember, falling off a horse killed Superman (C. Reeve, several years later).

He was later listed in stable condition.

- nightmare

If I had a dollar ...

He shows remarkable form in the saddle...

*resists comment about remaining mounted all night*

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