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November 19, 2013


India's monkeys 'to be put on the pill'

(Thanks to Ralph, and Bill Hudgins, who says, ""We were going to use monkey condoms, but they kept eating the bananas during practice.")


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To answer the headline question:
forget to take the pill = spank the monkey.

"Professor P.C. Tyagi of the Wildlife Institute of India said he and his colleagues would move forward with the plans only when they are sure it will not have any harmful effect on the animals or their behaviour."

If they think the monkeys are a menace now, just wait.

My banana condom joke was plagiarized!!!

I am going ape as I type this.

With my feet.

They shoulda tried the vegan condoms...

Gave up on the abstinence counseling, did they?

Don't trust a monkey just because she tells you she's on the pill. Just sayin'.

"Don't trust a monkey", is good advice in general, pill or not.

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