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October 03, 2013


Lopez whips up the elixir for a woman suffering from asthma. He tosses the frog into a skillet for a quick sear before it is liquefied in the mixer.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I think I'd rather have the asthma, thanks.

Joe Cartoon!

I'm with FredKey on this one. Blech!

would you like flies with that ?

...a frog in a blender.

*bada bing*

Google Joe Cartoon. He is the Man when it comes to frogs in blenders. I think he even put Kanye in a blender.

Ow. After that, I think I need to chew some willow bark.

Here ya go: Frog in a Blender!

Here ya go: Frog in a Blender!

I recall a certain law professor who gained notoriety for his alleged exploits with a blender.

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