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October 14, 2013


Henan man gets 28cm wooden handle inserted into anus after jumping onto it

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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It was removed with the "help" of a chainsaw?

WTFBBQ kind of help is that?

a rake, huh?

most guys jump on hoes

"After nearly four hours of surgery at the Provincial People's Hospital, the wooden handle was removed with the help of a chainsaw."

You have to wonder what the surgeons were doing for four hours? Adding oil and sharpening the chain?

I had a friend, another health inspector, who used a chain saw to remove a horse's head for rabies testing.
The patient, of course, did not survive the surgery.
I always used a saw, scalpel, and at least two pairs of gloves. Sure the chain saw was faster, but jeez.

Four hours to cut off a rake handle with a chainsaw? A squirrel would have been faster.

Steve - what was the patient doing with a horse's head up their @ss ? ?

What were they doing for 4 hours, you ask?

Obviously, they were taking pictures with their cell phones.

I just don't understand what good a chain saw did...except cause some excruciating vibrations. Why didn't somebody just pull hard on the handle?

"OWWWWWW! QUICK! One of y'all's got to pull it out of there! C'mon guys! Guys? Guys?"

A simple corkscrew would help.

Hey, Chin, get the Chainsaw of Life over here. This guy is hallucinating. He thinks he's the American Secretary of State.

Ah geez, why didn't you warn about the pictures? I was eating my breakfast. Was is the operative word.

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