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October 03, 2013


Mia Farrow admits Woody Allen's son Ronan may have been fathered by Frank Sinatra


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I did her my way....

What a charming, trustworthy looking pair.

Kinda takes her off the moral high ground, don't it?

I'd ask to hear the kid sing as a test, but that wouldn't work with Nancy, so probably not reliable.

Go look up the definition of farrow (lower case). No surprises there....

Uh, there is such a thing as DNA testing...if either Mia or Ronan have a pressing need to know the truth of his parentage, it can be done.

If they haven't done so already, then what's the point of even making their suspicions public? Do you smell a book deal for Ms. Farrow the way I do?

♫ mamma mia . . .


Yeah, I'm sure this is the worst kept secret in both families. Ronan thanks God he didn't get his "Dad/Brother-in-Law's" looks, but he couldn't ever figure out how he got "Uncle" Frank's looks.

New Blue Eyes.

He's 25.....so that would've meant Frank and Mia were getting it on circa 1987-88. At that time, he was a little over 10 years into marriage #4 to Barbara Marx, who's rumored to have been a little more controlling than the previous 3 wives. Plus, Frank was busy getting Dino and Sammy together for a Rat Pack Reunion tour. So despite the resemblance, I'm not sure I buy it.

Have read similar rumors about Anderson Cooper (the former CNN reporter). Supposedly Frank was seeing Gloria Vanderbilt (his mother) at about the right time. As with this Farrow case, people seem to believe in the rumors based mainly on the blue eyes.

Agree with previous posts - haven't these people ever heard of DNA tests???

He looks like mamma. She has blue eyes too. Someone needs to call barbara marx sinatra....she is still alive.....oh brother. Wait. There's a joke there...

Cute little bastard?

Of course, the negative hypothesis has this kid being Woody-spawn. So, does that look like a little Allen Konigsberg to anyone?

He kind of looks like he could be. Testing would have to be done.

*sees the dis-functioning family continues to dis-function*

How can we be sure Ronan didn't go back in time to become Sinatra's father?

Mia is a pathetic, ugly little person. Pulling this crap after 25 years because Woody Allen is slime and she will do anything to hurt him is just low. Does she give a crap of how it makes her son feel? Obviously not.

As to the idea she was sleeping with a 73 year old Sinatra, given her own past history of course I wouldn't put it past her - after all, who cares who gets hurt (ask Dory Previn) as long as she feels like doing it? But him fathering the kid? Doubtful.

I agree with K. Book deal must be coming.

Regardless of his genealogy, he needs to lose a pound or two if he's going to wear that suit in public.

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