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October 09, 2013


Drunk easyJet passenger Tasered by police after stripping naked and challenging pilot to a fight

Vaguely Related: BA investigates after two 'air hostesses' strip off in raunchy YouTube video

Maybe NSFW.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Send him to Washington.

Send them ALL! to Washington!

I like this part, "We have been aware of the video for a couple of weeks .... Our investigations continue."

Yea, they're probably the main count behind 115,000 hits.

I'm actually more disturbed by the person next to him.

And that "vaguely related" item...no, not related at all.

I think this is how they establish dominance in the pack.

I'm confused, I always thought you took your clothes off before you got in the shower.

Not so?

Must be a Continental thing-- remove clothes before picking a fight, but remain clothed whilst bathing.

Airline passengers naked and tased? Sounds like the TSA's dearest wish come true.

Fly the friendly skies.

his cockpit's blurred

If you don't warn people right on their ticket in boldface lettering that airplanes aren't locker rooms, then what do you expect ?

Clear resealable bags would rarely look better.

Or was he still nekkid from his TSA gate rape?

Boy, blurring picture of his manhood and the video of the stewardess's comes up error.

Another nude, bald guy. The coefficient of correlation is increasing.

Those air hostesses impressed me with British Airways' dedication to hygiene and cleanliness. And the ability to wear heels in a bathtub. Definitely flying those friendly skies next time.

The two flight attendants? I'm betting their careers are sort of washed up as well.

(And why did Flight Attendant B keep getting soap in Flight Attendant A's eyes?)

Maybe NSFW!?

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