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October 21, 2013




(Thanks to The Perts)

The story says this thing is called a Bobbitt Worm, which makes it even scarier, if you catch our reference.


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What's the over/under on the Bobbitt worm debut in the Everglades?


looks like an evil psycho hello kitty villain . . . .

'crouching bobbit, goodbye kitty'

The new science lesson of the day. It's interesting looking.

Hallow-Weenie Nightmare Worm?

Could you re-publish the article you wrote on "Which is smarter - dogs or trees?" It is one of my all time favorites.

Steve Woodall

"Bobbitt worms are predatory in nature and consume fish which they are able to grasp with their razor sharp teeth. It has been reported that in some cases the worm is able to strike its prey with such a velocity as to sever it in half."

Ummm, yep, that would be a Bobbitt worm, yep indeedy do. Not sure what else you could call it.

Well, the scientific name is Eunice aphroditois. And this isn't the first time one has been found in an aquarium (look up Blue Reef Aquarium). And "Bobbit worm" does seem to based on the Lorena Bobbit episode (look up Terry Gosliner).

Far as I can tell, that's exactly why it is called a Bobbitt Worm. Scientists have weird senses of humor.

I don't think I've ever said this about a worm but it's actually kind of cute.

I don't know about cute, but it is certainly colorful.

Happy Chinese New Year!

What if we transport it to the Senate swimming pool?

Yeah! the Senate swimming pool!!

Wait?! 3 1/2 feet long? Trust me, Lorena *never* would have cut that off!!

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