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October 07, 2013


Patriotic lady streakers.


(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Golf's new motto: "Can't Touch This."

Gotta love a sport like that!

You guys see patriotism. I see a great opportunity to use a 9 iron.

Insert "stiff putter" joke here!

nursecindy, the proper club selection would be a 'wedge'.

... just sayin.

Probably a furloughed government streaker with nothing else to do...

*wonders what's the pay grade for "Government Streaker"*

*wonders what bet she lost*

What if she was actually the winner of the bet?


Hadn't thought of that.

I'm suprised more men didn't volunteer to grab the miscreant.

She appears to be very slim and athletic, which means she probably isn't really a golfer. Neither am I, really, so if anyone has her number... *

*And yes, men DO go for the crazy ones, if it's the right kind of crazy.

Notice the (few, I admit) men in the pics looking ostentatiously away. "Oh, yes, dear, I did hear some kind of brouhaha going on, but I was looking at a rare bird at the time. Why, what happened?"

I would have given her a standing ovation.
Much more interesting than the golf.

It's not streaking if you're not actually naked.

Clearly the weather was chillier than predicted

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