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October 21, 2013


Jeff Fleming, 53, pleaded guilty on Oct. 17 to battery with a deadly weapon for firing a shotgun at an unnamed, 33-year-old golfer who had hit a ball through Fleming's window from the 16th hole of the course on Sept. 6.

(Thanks to Scott Cramer)


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at least he didn't hit the guy's partner - he only left a hole in one

made a o in 1

I see no problem here.

He was shocked that an errant golf ball hit the house which HE BUILT OR CAUSED TO BE BUILT on the golf course. Reminds me of folks who are shocked when an errant breeze hits their home which THEY BUILT OR CAUSED TO BE BUILT in the sub-sea-level bowl of NOLA.

Stand your ground.

A one-shot penalty.

In related news, Cape Cod homeowner sues Atlantic Ocean for washing out ocean-front home.

No big. Don't some tournaments have shotgun starts? This is just a shotgun finish.

Appalling. How could he do such a thing? Everybody knows a shotgun is useless for bunker shots. (Finally got to use that joke. 'Bunker shot' is about the only piece of golf terminology I know -- don't know what it means, mind you, but I know it. I feel better now.)

All these puns are truly awful. Well done !

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