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October 06, 2013


...you're talking Oklahoma State Fair.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I must admit that "Bench Warmers" picture is the one that draws you in again and again, like a really bad car wreck.

These are the people who are turned away from the door at Walmart for looking too trashy.

NC, my first thought was that I had accidentally gone to the People of Walmart website.

They thought it was an outdoor Walmart.

snork @ Cindy.

I suspect that if there was a magic cabinet at the Wisconsin and Oklahoma State Fairs disguised as a porta-potty, so when you went in at one fair you'd come out at the other? Nobody would notice until they couldn't find their cars in the parking lot.

Pardon me, make that "couldn't find their TRUCKS."

There are few places I would rather not find myself than face down on the floor of a porta-potty. Just shoot me where I lie. I don't even want to go through the treatment for whatever I contract.

I have been to many Oklahoma State Fairs.

These photos are not even close to the best of the worst.

Not even close.

Wild Thing or Bench Warmers or Odd Couple..............I'd vote for the Odd couple.

Truly cord fed.

Looking for your fry-daddy in all the wrong places

Vote? No. I don't participate in shaming people. What do you think I am, a sadist?

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