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October 21, 2013


...do not click here.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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There is no way I could eat any of those cakes.

Taken back to the womb.

Psychoanalysis: Your time in the womb as related to cake. The in depth study's log awaited release.

...you MUST click...you MUST click...

Certainly don't click while eating lunch..

Only topped by placenta pumpkin pie.

@ loudmouth - or afterbirth day cake


Oh how about Mucus plug pudding.

Were these made by Horstess or Sara Glee?

ACtually, I think Martha Stewart made these for her "Baking with Martha" PBS show...

zamasama - that would've been her pMs show, on pubic broadcasting

I did click while eating lunch. Now what am I supposed to do with the rest of this food?

Um, what's that black button on the underside of cake #3?

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