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October 15, 2013


Americans' interest in hemorrhoids has skyrocketed

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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"My first guess would be that people are becoming more comfortable with the Internet...."

Does it come as a cream or a suppository?

I think that it comes from people doing Google searches that involve the words "hemorrhoids" and "Congress".

"...everybody has hemorrhoids..." followed shortly by, "...many people mistakenly think they have hemorrhoids."
This guy has to be in politics as a sideline.

When the alternative is watching TV...

Baby boomers, baby. It's the aging of America.

The best cure for hemorrhoids is to go outside when it's very cold and sit on a concrete or metal bench while wearing a thin pair of pants. It really works.

Arctic Al beat me to it. The comparisons are inevitable.

Many of Dave 's "men,do not click" items have healing pucker action.

You should see the interest on Uranus.

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