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October 24, 2013


World’s strongest beer ‘Snake Venom’ launched

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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No ratings available for this, but their Brewmeister Armageddon (65% ABV) had numerous reviews, few of them favorable. A sampling:

"Hopped porridge served by liars who tried to convince me that this brew was 65% ABV. This is actually not beer nor even spirit but a sweet boiled oat/malt soup with a maximum of 12% ABV. It looks like a cloudy ugly liquid. It smells like a hot mashtun and taste like a sweet malty unfinished barley wine. Screwed up!"

"Sample from bottle @SBWF13. Murky brown with no head. Aroma faint, medicinal, nutty, chemical. Taste is pretty bad, malt, chemical and medicinal notes, appr. 20% abv tops but leaves a sickening, non-alcohol burning feeling in the chest when swallowed."

The article didn't specify exactly 67.5% WHAT, but I presumed it was alcohol. That would be a 135 proof beer and, somehow, I doubt that.
And from Ernie's review, above, one would have to choose between getting drunk or stripping the paint off that old door.

in summary, Ernie G - 'tastes like assp'

Ah, yes. "Snake venom". An attractive, light-hearted name for a product. Right up there with "nuclear waste" and "unmitigated rubbish". Get me some of that.

Not unlike this product.


How about Raw Sewage? Or Sludge?

I think an effective add campaign would show Scottish soccer fans vomitting in an alley-way...along with a buxomy woman fondling the bottle.


Or we could have Dave in the nude.

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