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October 05, 2013


But we cannot afford to take chances.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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50 shades of toast?

Ah it seems that the British are mechanically inept, an inevitable result of the nanny-state In my part of the US when a man gets his penis stuck in a toaster he is expected to have the know-how and the tools to remove it himself.

It happens much to often, I can say from my exper..., err, I mean somebody told me.

I really hope he unplugged the toaster first.

I'm...just...OK, I'm gonna have to say this straight. It seems to me that the erect penis is thicker than a piece of toast or anything that would fit in a toaster. Even an erect British penis. So how could he get it in there in the first place? Did he start flaccid, and then get his game on? That's not gonna work (guys, you know what I'm talkin' about).

I need to know the brand of toaster and the brand of man, IFYKWIMAITYD. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm just sayin'!

I think I got that acronym wrong. Oh, well. You know what I'm sayin'.

I am speechless.

(Good point, cindy.)

Just Some Guy: it could have been one of the newer kinds of toasters with wider openings for bagels, I suppose, though even so...

But it was the best butter....

Just some guy -
the brand would be a Blackened Pecker

If I had a nickel for every time...

After what happens to Pop Tarts he should be glad it didn't explode.

Related story or something:


Blackened Pecker?

I am dying down here.

And I am nowhere near the toaster.

Would I be foolish to ask WHY?

As with many guys, the question isn't "why?" but "when?".
And we can presume that alcohol...

No mystery ! His girlfriend eventually confessed to hiding the toaster in her vagina.

How come women never seem to get stuck in things? What about all those free vibrators from Detroit ? Will some of them get stuck ? Will the Tigers win ? So many questions.....


Because we aren't GUYS.

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