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October 05, 2013


Would You Try “Twipping”, the Latest Moronic Way to Become an Internet Celebrity?

(Thanks to queensbee)


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I think we may have found a new source for Darwin Award nominees.

I think that this should be taken to the next level, we need to encourage lawyers to jump off tall buildings!!!

Ted Cruz, your agent is calling.

Not to be confused with twiter.com/TwopTwips .

Isn't that something immoral you do with cows that's illegal in 30 states (not FL, DC, or AL where it's considered dating).

Twick or tweet?

We did something like this a number of years ago when we'd do a dramatic "falling" down a friend's back yard after being "shot" playing any number of boy games involving any number of projectile weapons.
Only, we were about eight at the time and we got over it.

I twipped and fell off my icy porch last year and broke a wrist. Nobody filmed it, though. Oh, what? I was supposed to do it on purpose?! Do I look like an idiot? Don't answer that!

I wish, markhh. The downside is that it's not 100% successful.

LOL at this.

I would totally do this.

Can I fall down 27 flights of stairs while reading FOX IN SOCKS?

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