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October 03, 2013


Uranus Shines At Its Best Thursday: How to See It

(Thanks to R&L Stevenson, who says "I would have thought a mirror.")


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That's why it's called astrology..

i see a bad moon rising (_!_)

Your best chance will be Thursday afternoon, when the varsity football team bus drives by.

The last time this happened I went outside to look at it. My neighbors asked me what I was doing and I told them, "I'm looking at Uranus". They all moved the next day.

I told our Astronomy teacher that Uranus is shining...Should I hire a lawyer?

Well of course it does. Wednesday night is bath night.

"For most people a set of binoculars will be an essential tool for spotting Uranus."

"Finding Uranus is done through a technique popular with amateur astronomers."

Wow. Enough joke material for an entire class of 6th grade boys and one Pull It Surprise winning humorous writer.

Well, quit polishing it.

Usually it's the planetary production that gets polished.

Students: in case of nucular attack, duck under your desks, bend way over, and kiss Uranus goodbye.

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