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October 03, 2013


You're welcome.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Here is the number for Obama care:



I wish they still had the anti-draft windows in cars.

Some years back I took my 76 Chevy Nova in for an oil change. Sitting in the waiting area, the young attendant came in and asked me to pull it into the bay, since he didn't know how to operate a column shift. Back in the waiting room, he came in again and asked me to open the hood ...

Still have a couple of 'church keys' in the utensil drawer -- easiest way to open evaporated milk or bottles with those supposedly-unscrewable caps that just remove skin from one's fingers.

So far I've heard from two friends who had those milk chutes, which is the one thing we didn't have.

Want to feel old? Ralph Macchio now is older than Pat Morita was when they made "The Karate Kid." :)

Macchio is 50, Morita was 52 when the Karate Kid was released. At least according to Wikipedia.

Thanks nc. I was not feeling old enough after reading an article describing a 41 year old man as MIDDLE AGED.

Want a laugh ? Find that youtube video of the Seattle World's Fair where Bell Telephone is breathlessly extolling the miracle of touch tone dialing. Today's young ones have never seen a phone that can't play Angry Birds.

we had a milk chute that would howl when the wind was just right. it would occasionally let a little snow in too.

I thought of the church key when I saw the Miller Lite commercial for their "new" can with the extra hole in the top.

I still use a church key regularly. When those new can openers that don't cut the metal, but unseal the lid don't work (more often than not), I use the rounded end of the church key to open the can.

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, we had one manual can opener...always worked, never failed. In the last 20 years, we've probably had a dozen can openers...none of them hardly ever work right, always a frustrating experience. What changed? The can? The can opener? Me?

And get off my lawn!

JD, I still use a manual can opener. Now before you get off my lawn help me find my reading glasses.

we had a milkCan on our front stoop - i wish i had it now
the milkman came just twice a week - that's all mom would allow

. . . . what?

I use a rotating wheel can opener just fine. Seen those church keys, but I never understood the point.

How about 25 Cent a gallon gas? You could fill your car get a Coca Cola and freis for $5

typewriter eraser, hell, what about a typewriter!

Confirming my old-fartdom I recognized and have used every one.

Not me Emmett, never used a milk chute and cannot for the life om me figure out to use on. Wouldn't it just have been easier to go out to cow and milk it in the barn instead of milking it through a little door? Twice a week too, when I think of all the winter mornings I a path through snow to the barn before going to school, well I just blush to realize now that they don't need to be milked every day.

To me, that's a bottle opener, and I have two. How else do you open non-twist-off beer?

Max - if you had cows, you didn't need a milk chute. Our cows were trained to come in the kitchen door in the morning and line up for roll call. Pa started out to make a cow door, but he realized that the cave bears would just use it to sneak in and tip over the garbage, so ...

We kept fires burning in our cave when I was young to make sure the raptors didn't eat our faces at night.

But before we invented fire, man, it was ugly...

Disney Magic Key Coupons

An E ticket got you on one of the good rides.

Manual gearshift on the column.

Grew up in Miami Beach so no milk chute but owned everything else. Anyone besides me notice the emphasis on beverage access in this list - 3 out of the 11 items! Could have gone with dial telephones, mimeographed sheets, mood rings...

I didn't need the 45 adapter. I had one built in on my record player.

I knew about 7 of these. Also, we had a TV that was color until we tried to get UHF -- then it turned black & white.

Right. We were evicted from our cave. We had to go and live in a sinkhole in Florida. Every night ... oh, let's not go over all that again.

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