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October 07, 2013


Sex shop forced to close due to lack of 'kinky' locals

(Thanks to Ralph)


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We'd call that "normal", but, hey, it's Wales.

MeThinks Aberystwyth needs to host the next President's Cup.

Performances like at ours could improve sales.

Shop should move to New Hampshire.

There's a limerick beginning
"A randy young pair from Aberystwyth ..."

Can't remember the rest, fortunately.

The problem with their business model is that in Wales, they only dream of ewe.


A sex shoppe (note the fancy spelling) opened in one of the counties I used to work in eastern Kentucky.
While business was very good, it aroused (ha!) the ire of the local preachers. Those good men threatened the owner with hell fire AND jail from this brand-new ordinance they had the fiscal court pass.
The shoppe owner got religion, so to speak, and closed the sex part to open a Bible sales center.
Took him about a month to go under.

About my comment above, I finally figured it out.
While one may need a Bible and one may, on occasion need sex, when you have a Bible, you don't need another every day or two.

Omni: Something like this?

There was a young girl of Aberystwyth
Who screwed every man that she kissed with.
She tickled the balls
Of the men in the halls,
And pulled on the prongs that they pissed with.

That sounds right. Somewhere, I've got a copy of Gershon Legman's Limerick book. Have to dig it out.

I can't believe that Prince Charles couldn't keep the shop open by himself.

For himself.

Note: If you have never heard of Camillagate, be thankful.

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