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October 07, 2013


We demand a recount.

(Thanks to Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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The difference is, you have occasional daylight in Florida.

They were counting "violent" crime, not "weird" crime.

How is it possible Texas didn't make the top 10?

37% of women who live in Alaska say they’ve “suffered some form of sexual assault in their lives,”

...whether such involved another human being may be another matter.

Jeff M, the nice thing about leading the country in executions is that the recidivism rate drops a tad.

Delaware does have Joe Biden shooting shotguns into the air, which, if you aren't hunting ducks, is highly illegal.

They don't call Delaware, the Detroit of the East for nothing.


Michigan didn't even make the list. If they'd counted idiotic corruption and bad pavement, now ...

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