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October 01, 2013


You will no longer be able to watch this baby panda online if the government shuts down

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who says, "Oh, the humanity!")


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Well this is just great. Now what am I going to do all day?

You can sign up for The Affordable Care Act. That's still open.

wiredog, I already have insurance thank goodness. I hope your job isn't affected by all this.

I loved how the house added a measure to the effect that military personnel will continue to be paid, but, of course, since the people who do payroll for the DoD will be on hiatus, they won't actually get their money.

It's worth it.

Omniskeptic, retired military veterans are also not receiving their retirement benefits until this is over. It is not pleasant being around my retired, Vietnam Veteran dad right now.

I bet ... Meanwhile, our dedicated State govt is carrying on, legalizing the use of the right hand by bicyclists to signal right turns. True fact.

Good news! The Atlanta pandacam is still up!


I mean, sure, it's not the National Zoo, but it should help us all get through these trying times.

Nemmine that! apod.nasa.gov (astronomy picture of the day) is offline. I don't think I'll live through this.

There's a panda cam at the San Diego Zoo. It should still be up.

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