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October 20, 2013


33-Year-Old Man Spends Nearly $100,000 for Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Well, I am stumped here.

I will say he does look young...and Chinese (at least around the eyes).

Where'd he get $100,000 to throw around on this?

Where's the story here? Michael Jackson probably spent 10x that amount in a failed attempt to look like his sister....

Any way you look at it, that was money well flushed.

Has anyone ever paid money to look like Barry Manilow?

@ Peter M

Barry Manilow has paid money to Not look like Barry manilow

Does that include the insertion of stupid, twerp as well?

I suppose its better than looking like Kim Kardashian. For a guy.

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