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October 05, 2013


Groom forgot to book wedding venue - then staged bomb scare on the big day so his bride wouldn't find out

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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The fine folks at Google have updated chrome again. Let's see if it's really broken or just needed a reboot.

Turns out there was an explosion after all. There are little pieces of the fool scattered over 6 states now.

Creative problem solving.

♫ Going to the chapel and I'm feelin' kinda wary . . . .
Blowin' up the chapel and it's gonna be scary
Gee, I sorta love you but don't wanna get married
Goin' to the of shrapnel of love

Just another procrASStinator.

Sorry for the test case above. Hard to get farther off topic than that.

What I meant to say before Chrome thwarted me was:

All that and unemployed, too. What a catch.

Even if he gets life, she will be waiting, and SO pissed off.

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