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October 23, 2013


Florida model claims boyfriend repeatedly ‘walked into the knife’ after his dog ate her marijuana

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and C. McWhorter)


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I think she's seen "Chicago" a few times too many.

And then he ran into my knife. TEN TIMES.

It kind of goes along with the "I accidentally shot him 3 times" excuse doesn't it? If I was holding a knife, and someone kept walking into it, I would probably put the knife down to stop them.

I'm curious; what happened to the dog?

OK, Mr. Public Defender, this is what I told the police. Run with it.

We had a guy where I worked about 20 years ago who tried to explain how he shot his wife three times with a single-shot shotgun.
"Dang! It went off and I couldn't believe it. So I loaded it again and, Dang! it went off again! So I..."

Those repeating assault knives are a real hazard.

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