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October 01, 2013


So decades-old containers filled with decades-old astronaut turds are still hanging out on the Moon.

This has been Today's Fun Astronomy Fact.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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One small thing to step on, one great thing to leap over.

The moon? Oh, you can't miss it. Go up until you smell it, then down until you step in it.

(We used to say this about Toledo. They probably say it about us.)

Astro turds were left behind, doo da, doo da

Typical Western Civilization -- the first thing to do when exploring new land is to litter and crap all over it. The real reason we went to the moon is that it's Indian land there.

We've marked our territory.

Astronaut Turds is a Devo cover band in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Huh. Would have only expected that on the moons of Uranus.

[Still funny!]

"Dropping the kids off in the frozen, airless desert."
Nah, doesn't have the same zing.

I wonder if they could use some of this stuff.


Holy Moly Schadeboy. And "award winning". (How would you like to be a judge for that competition?)

*Oh. My. This has been posted since 11 am and no one has made a 'to boldly go where no man has gone before' reference.* YOU'RE SLIPPING PEOPLE!

That dehydrated moon mission food makes moon rocks. Owwwww. Assteroids.

Um, doesn't a world heritage site have to be on this world?

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