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October 11, 2013


A Brooklyn man required 30 stitches to treat the shrapnel wounds he received when his porcelain toilet blew up in his face.

(Thanks to DaninTustin)


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Not to mention the 5 antibiotics his Docs had to prescribe, just in case....

i love brooklyn

it's jest a flush wound

Depth charge?

Don't worry, it wasn't me.

The toilet blew up in his face?

Nice one, ligirl.

Exploding Toilets WBAGNFARB.

Yeah, he's lucky his butt didn't take the full force of the explosion.


I've always thought that if I started a Metal band it would be called "Facial Lacerations" but now I think "Porcelain Toilet Shrapnel" deserves consideration too.

So this time the tables were turned, and the toilet blew chunks?

The Fateful Flush. Love the onomatopoeia.

Fateful Flush is beats a Foul House.

And the pieces are now orbiting as rings around Uranus....

Someone had to say it.

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