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October 14, 2013


Police say a drunken man driving a van with only three wheels crashed into a gas station in Michigan’s Thumb and then tried to buy beer before police arrived.

(Thanks to Dave Nordstrom and Alan Dean)


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Didn't Michigan's Thumb open for Badfinger?

What is it about the Upper Midwesst and fleeing drunk drivers? I read about this guy this morning too. Wonder if thety are related.

I think the cops ought to leave us drunks alone. They are wasting too much time on us. The trouble we cause is less than the trouble they cause.

For many years I was driving only when drunk, because I was to scared to drive sober - I was not a good driver and I have never succesfully achieved a pararell parking.

Ohio would not be considered upper midwest. The airport serving their third-largest city is in Kentucky.

Ohio is a buffer state created by Michigan to distance ourselves from Kentucky. Of course, you talk to somebody from Kentucky, they'll tell you the same thing in reverse.

And in deference to Padraic, I won't being up the reasons for building Lake Michigan.

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