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October 03, 2013


A Czech TV news channel has apologised after a large penis appeared behind a news anchor’s head during a live broadcast.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Dickhead media.

Doesn't look all that large.

large to czech maybe

Editorial comment?

Ummm, their video blurring technology seems to be a tad behind the West's.

"The phallus was later replaced with a pictureof a green vegetable." Anyone not thinking cucumber? Anyone? Buehler?

"Pardon me, can you cache a small Czech?"

I can think of a few US network talking heads that should happen to.

czech please

"...reporting from City Hall. Back to you, Dick."

The image was actually part of a documentary, but we should have been aware of timing and not had that particular scene playing when we went on air,’ said a spokesman for the channel.

The documentary...was it called what the staff likes to watch? Or "the Porn channel"?

It's not even a clear picture at that. Maybe we could tell by the size if we could see it better if the person was a smoker or not.

You can find uncensored clips of it on YouTube.

Yea, sometimes they're not too bright over here...

If you have the time to waste, look at the article's picture again. Slightly down and to the left of the offending monitor is a standing woman in a pink jacket, and I believe I detect a look of wicked amusement. I could be projecting, I suppose, but I keep imagining that shot with a thought bubble added for her: "Pinch my tuckus again, Takac, you pig, and see what happens."

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